Corrosion and Protection

"Corrosion and Protection" magazine is an applied technology journal, founded in 1980. This journal is the journal of the earliest corrosion professional society in China—Shanghai Corrosion Science and Technology Society, and one of the earliest corrosion professional journals in China. It has made important contributions to academic exchanges and promotion of technical achievements in the field. The journal "Corrosion and Protection" has been compiled into the "Overview of Chinese Core Journals", and has been included in many important foreign retrieval systems including NACE International and Elsevier. Corrosion science is an emerging marginal subject. In order to reduce the economic loss caused by corrosion, the attention of all walks of life to this subject and the demand for related technologies are showing a rising trend. Our journal just meets this demand. The characteristics of the publication are as follows: it is not limited to specific issues in a certain industry, but focuses on general laws and phenomena; it pays attention to the guidance of theory to practice, and emphasizes the promotion of advanced practical technologies. Therefore, the publication is suitable for scientific and technical personnel and managers in various fields of the national economy to read. According to the incomplete statistics of the feedback information, the readers of our journal mainly include: anti-corrosion engineering technicians, construction engineering technicians, engineering technicians and engineering management and equipment management personnel in oil fields, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, electroplating plants, power plants, mines, And research and development personnel of universities and research institutes. This journal provides various advertising and publicity services related to corrosion control and protection for readers and authors, as well as corrosion inhibition, antirust technology, surface technology, electrochemical protection, engineering anticorrosion, etc. Welcome to contact us for publication.